Conditions for Training

  • Karate training is the development of the mental power and character of a person and student of karate should develop power, Patience, tolerance and Humility
  • Karate is an art of self-defence and should not be used indiscriminately
  • Persons found having any criminal records or bad character will not be permitted to continue in the karate dojo
  • Students who use karate in public without valid reason will be dismissed from the karate dojo
  • While all possible precaution is taken the officials or instructors of the institute are not responsible for any accidents which may occur during or after the training of the students and they join the training at their own risk
  • Students who join from other style will be tested and belt will be awarded
  • Those who are making absence are liable to pay the monthly fees or need to obtain re-admission
  • The monthly training fee should be paid on or before the 10th day of each calendar month. Failing which a trainee may not be permitted to take part in the training